Lin Gengxin isXing Zhi / Xing Yun
Xing Zhi / Xing Yun
Xin Yunlai isMo Fang
Mo Fang
He Yu isFu Rongjun
Fu Rongjun
Jackie Li isYou Lan
You Lan
Zeng Li isShen Muyue
Shen Muyue
Xuan Lu isLiu Yu
Liu Yu
Liu Guanlin isHeavenly Emperor
Heavenly Emperor
Qiu Xinzhi isLiu Ming
Liu Ming
Joe Xu isFeng Lai
Feng Lai

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“The Legend of Shen Li” is a bewitching Chinese play that weaves a narrative of romance, fantasy, and adventure. The plot line unfolds arsenic follows:
Episode 1: On her 1000th birthday, Shen Li, the Azure Sky King from the religious world, is baby-faced with Associate in Nursing ordered matrimony for governmental alliance. Determined to power her ain destiny, she attempts to flight merely is attacked and changed into her Phoenix form. Severely wounded, she perianth into the quality world, platform successful a coma12.
Middle Episodes: Shen Li, misguided for a chickenhearted owed to her Phoenix form, is oversubscribed successful the market. She is reclaimed past Xing Yun, a cryptic and distant adult male World Health Organization tin realize her language. As they pass clip together, Shen Li begins to acknowledge the breakability of mortals and decides to defend her savior, World Health Organization is discovered to beryllium the past God Xing Zhi12.
Final Episodes: The play culminates arsenic Shen Li and Xing Zhi, present profoundly successful love, activity unneurotic to get rid of atrocious forces, advance good, and bring out concealed truths. Their journeying is troubled with challenges arsenic they voyage the complexities of their worlds and the governmental machinations that endanger to teardrop them apart3.
Throughout the series, “The Legend of Shen Li” explores themes of destiny, power, and the transformative quality of love. It’s a narrative that resonates with viewers, departure a permanent feeling with its affluent communicative and undefined depth123. The play is altered from the fresh “Yu Feng Xing” past Jiu Lu Fei Xiang and has been praised for its firm version and arresting visuals1.

[EP39] The Legend of ShenLi
[EP39] The Legend of ShenLi
[EP39] The Legend of ShenLi
[EP39] The Legend of ShenLi
[EP39] The Legend of ShenLi
[EP39] The Legend of ShenLi
[EP39] The Legend of ShenLi
[EP39] The Legend of ShenLi
[EP39] The Legend of ShenLi

[EP39] The Legend of ShenLi

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Original title 与凤行
TMDb Rating 6.7 3 votes
First air date Mar. 18, 2024
Last air date Mar. 28, 2024
Seasons 1
Episodes 39

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