He Yu isLi Xiaoyao
Li Xiaoyao
Yang Yutong isZhao Linger
Zhao Linger
Xu Hao isLin Yueru
Lin Yueru
Chuan Li isLiu Jinyuan
Liu Jinyuan
Yang Kun isAunt Li
Aunt Li
Wang Jinsong isLord of Moon Worship
Lord of Moon Worship
Ding Xiaoying isGe Luojiao
Ge Luojiao


“Sword and Fairy” is a bewitching Chinese play that intertwines weather of fantasy, adventure, and romance. The narrative unfolds successful the mystic small town of Wuyan, where 2 amnesic siblings, Yue Jin Zhao and Yue Qi, Begin a journeying of discovery and destiny. With nary remembrance of their past, they have singular soldierly humanistic discipline abilities and stock certificate a alone “resonant” relationship, contempt beingness incognizant of their actual origins.
As they undertaking on the far side the scope of their village, they brush a ordering of enigmatical events, including the resistance of the Qihun Holy Sect and the Blood Sacrifice of Luojiabao. In the heat energy of conflict against the Holy Sect, Yue Qi experiences a abrupt revival of her certain memories and emotions, propellant the siblings into a deeper object of intrigue.
Their way crosses with a divers formed of characters, so much arsenic Luo Mai Ming and Luo Zhao Yan of Luojiabao, the millennian canine devil Xian Qing, and the enigmatical figures Gu Han Jiang, Ming Xiu, and Ju Shi Fang. Each brush brings them person to unraveling their identities and the bigger communicative astatine play.
Amidst the powerfulness struggles of the Zhengwu Alliance, Qihun Holy Sect, Heng-Tao Sect, and Yu Demon Clan, the siblings grapnel with the inquiry of World Health Organization the actual originator is down the convulsion engulfing their world. With all revelation, they ar careworn into a maze of plots, where forfeit and the volition to change destiny go tangled with their pursuit for truth.
The drama, altered from a celebrated Chinese RPG game, is praised for its complex storytelling, powerful characters, and advanced industry values. The double function of Xu Kai, depicting Yue Jin Zhao, adds a bed of complexness to the narrative, piece the chemical science betwixt the leads captivates the audience.
The ocular sight of “Sword and Fairy” is competitive past its affectional soundtrack, which has resonated with viewing audience and critics alike, conducive to the drama’s happening crosswise assorted charts successful China. As the narrative progresses, the protagonists human face intimidating challenges and bring out galore mysteries, with all happening damaged backmost layers of the soldierly global they inhabit.
Ultimately, “Sword and Fairy” is a narrative of memory, identity, and the bonds that specify us. It’s a journeying done a global affluent with lore, where heroes face their ago to form a approaching troubled with condition and hope. The play stands arsenic a creed to the abiding allurement of xianxia storytelling, invitatory viewing audience to plunge themselves successful a kingdom where legends semen live and all prime carries the physical property of destiny.

[EP34] Sword and Fairy 1
[EP34] Sword and Fairy 1
[EP34] Sword and Fairy 1
[EP34] Sword and Fairy 1
[EP34] Sword and Fairy 1

[EP34] Sword and Fairy 1

Apr. 02, 2024
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9 1 vote
Original title 又见逍遥
TMDb Rating 8.2 10 votes
First air date Apr. 02, 2024
Last air date Apr. 02, 2024
Seasons 1
Episodes 40
Average Duration 45 minutes

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