“Our Memories” (Chinese: 我的少年时代): A Tale of Friendship, Uncertainty, and Youth
“Our Memories” is a heartwarming Chinese drama that unfolds in the picturesque setting of Universe Street, a small seaside town. Let’s dive into the captivating world of this series:

The story revolves around a group of childhood friends who grew up together on Universe Street. As they face the impending graduation season of their senior year in high school, they grapple with the age-old question: What lies ahead? Whether it’s the academically challenged Wang Huanyu, the mischievous Guo Ting, or the academic achiever Wei Xing and Shi Wenke, they all find themselves uncertain about their paths. Amidst the innocence of youth, they navigate the joys and sorrows of family, friendship, and the naive love that accompanies adolescence.

Main Cast:
Jiang Wen Wen as Wei Xing: The “Dancing Goddess” of Universe Street.
Fang Xiao Dong as Wang Di Qiu: Known as the “Second Generation of the Shop.”
Cheng Hong Xin as Han Shuai: A character with a unique background.
Li Meng Ying as Guo Ting: The “Mischievous Girl.”
Lu Xiao Yu as Shi Wenke: The “Literary Scholar.”
Episode Highlights (Episode 1 to End):
Episode 1:
Huang Ying Zi apologizes to Hao Ping in helplessness.
Episode 2:
Jiang Yi returns to China, and Huang Ying Zi welcomes him.
Episode 3:
Huang Ying Zi is busy with Guan Chao’s wedding preparations.
Episode 4:
Jiang Yi prepares a surprise for Huang Ying Zi.
In this year, this diverse and magnetically connected group of young people experiences the ups and downs of family, friendship, and love. Amidst hesitation and confusion, they strive toward their own horizons, guarded by their original intentions. Youth may be chaotic, but as long as they have each other, fear has no place. 🌟

Note: The drama is available for streaming on iQiyi. 11

For detailed episode recaps, explore the official iQiyi page or other reliable sources!

[EP21] Our Memories
[EP21] Our Memories
[EP21] Our Memories

[EP21] Our Memories

Apr. 30, 2024
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Original title 我的少年时代
First air date Apr. 30, 2024
Seasons 1
Episodes 21

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