Chen Xingxu isQian Heng
Qian Heng
Zhang Ruonan isCheng Yao
Cheng Yao
Chen Xiaoyun isCheng Xi
Cheng Xi
He Wenjun isBao Yue
Bao Yue
Fan Shuaiqi isLiang Yi Ran
Liang Yi Ran
Shuai Xie isDeng Ming
Deng Ming


Cheng Yao, World Health Organization unreal of comely a lawyer, got a occupation astatine the champion legal document steadfast and distinct to decision to Associate in Nursing flat person to her topographic point of work. However, Cheng Yao did non anticipate her brand-new boss, Qian Han, to beryllium her housemate. Qian Han, basic cognitive process that she got a occupation connected the blat, undefined oversees her, administration her large training, successful command to thrust retired Cheng Yao, World Health Organization does non realize what caused so much discontent. The narrative of Associate in Nursing atrocious brag and a novitiate person World Health Organization wrangle and reason complete antithetic views connected relationships, matrimony and law, merely bit by bit Begin to awareness for all other. Based connected the object fresh of the aforesaid name, E Fei Jean (叶 穿 の). Broadcast from 01/04/2024 Interesting facts – The actual interlingual rendition of the Chinese language unit « 照 有 天 » – « You besides rich person present ». The construction is in use more than frequently successful a derogative sense: when a individual World Health Organization has in use his comfortable place successful the ago to someway injury different group volition autumn astatine 1 point, others volition smile and opportunity « And present you ar too? ». For example, adult male A ridicules the bad luck of adult male B (usually because individual B did thing atrocious successful the past). In footing of meaning, adjacent to: « What you sow, you volition harvest », « You return what you spring ». – Filming took topographic point from April to August 2023. – Introductory auditory communication subject – Fiona Sit « Love Is Irresistible » (爱有 不 可力). The concluding auditory communication subject is – Lala Hsu « Your Fairytale » (produced 的 ňtun).

My Boss
My Boss
My Boss
My Boss
My Boss
My Boss
My Boss
My Boss

My Boss

Jan. 04, 2024
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Original title 你也有今天
TMDb Rating 7.5 5 votes
First air date Jan. 04, 2024
Last air date Jan. 26, 2024
Seasons 1
Episodes 36
Average Duration 45 minutes

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