Lin Zehui isXie Yi'an
Xie Yi'an
Xu Zhenzhen isSu Yingying
Su Yingying


On the twenty-four hours when Su Ying Ying, the girl of the allegiant Chief Minister Su of the Cabinet, was joined to the 2nd aristocrat Xie Yu Heng, her household was massacred past Xie Yu Heng and his military personnel connected the evidence of the Chief Minister Su’s declared treason. Xie Yu Heng frankincense ascended to the place of the Crown prince. Three old age later, Su Ying Ying returns to broad her father’s language unit and bring out the fact down the high treason case. Teaming ahead with the 7th prince, Xie Yi An, she disguises herself arsenic Xie Yi An’s maid, Su Ying.
Starting from the imitative bill case, they detect its connexion to Chief Minister Su and Xie Yu Heng, suggestion them to a-ok deeper into the investigation. From ab initio beingness astatine odds, they bit by bit create sensitivity for all other. Despite the dangers, they activity unneurotic to return adjacent to the individuals active successful the imitative bill case. As they bit by bit bring out the truth, they unmasking Xie Yu Heng’s confederacy to prehend powerfulness and assume the throne. It turns retired that Xie Yu Heng is non of ruler blood. In command to prehend the ruler power, helium makes the imitative banknotes to accumulate wealth, payoff officials, and set up Associate in Nursing character assassination organisation named the “Vermilion Bird Pavilion” to get rid of dissidents.
Because Chief Minister Su disclosed that Xie Yu Heng was the originator of the imitative bill lawsuit earlier his death, Xie Yu Heng consecutive his work force to bargain Su’s authoritative sealing wax and manufacture documents conceptualization Su for treason.

Walk with You

Walk with You

Apr. 23, 2024
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Original title 与君行
First air date Apr. 23, 2024
Seasons 1
Episodes 13

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