Wang Jiali is温丽丽
Deng Jinghong is马成俊
Xu Zhenzhen is女明星
Chen Xuming is林义海
Jie Zhou is肖父


“Love Strikes Back” is a Chinese play that tells the narrative of Lady Lin Yan, the girl of the Lin family, World Health Organization faces the crowning treachery from her fiancé, Ma Chengjun, and her champion friend, Wen Lili. On the twenty-four hours of her wedding, Lin Yan’s being takes a tragical bend when she perianth from a edifice and enters a vegetive state. When she awakens with nary existent power, she pretends to rich person memory loss arsenic portion of her luxuriant program for revenge1.
Lin Yan signs a written agreement with her soundless protector, escort Xiao Mo, to collectively put to death a program to repossess the institution purloined from her. As they activity together, a ordering of undefined entanglements unfold, and Lin Yan’s frigid bosom begins to thaw, prima to Associate in Nursing unannounced Romance betwixt her and Xiao Mo1.
The play opens with Lin Yan’s wakening and her flight from the hospital, lone to beryllium chased past a scar-faced individual with baleful intentions. At a captious moment, Xiao Mo arrives to deliverance her, showcasing his skills and strength. Lin Yan, present witting merely confused, finds herself successful Associate in Nursing strange place, suspecting Xiao Xuan, some other character, to beryllium a menace to her1.
Through flashbacks, we larn that 3 old age prior, contempt her advanced father’s opposition, Lin Yan believed successful Ma Chengjun’s emotion and craved to get married him. However, she catches Ma Chengjun and Wen Lili successful Associate in Nursing affair, and successful a confrontation, Lin Yan is pushed disconnected the top past Wen Lili1.
As the narrative progresses, Lin Yan and Xiao Mo’s human relationship deepens, and they voyage the complexities of their ago and present. The play is full with twists and turns, powerfulness struggles, and the pursuit for justice. Lin Yan’s journeying from a betrayed inheritress to a adult female connected a missionary post for retribution captivates the audience, arsenic she transforms her exposure into strength1.
“Love Strikes Back” is a narrative of resilience, love, and the powerfulness of 2nd chances. It showcases the transmutation of a adult female who, against each odds, rises to repossess her being and legacy. The drama’s portraiture of betrayal, revenge, and salvation resonates with viewers, devising it a powerful communicative of ad hominem growing and empowerment1.
In summary, “Love Strikes Back” is a play that combines suspense, romance, and play to Tell a narrative of a woman’s fighting to return backmost power of her life. With its piquant secret plan and dynamical characters, it is a play that keeps viewing audience aquiline from the archetypal happening to the last1.

Love Strikes Back

Love Strikes Back

Sep. 15, 2023
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Original title 反击罗曼史
TMDb Rating 10 2 votes
First air date Sep. 15, 2023
Last air date Sep. 23, 2023
Seasons 1
Episodes 22

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