Ren Jialun isWu Geng / A Gou
Wu Geng / A Gou
Xing Fei isBai Cai
Bai Cai
Zhu Zhengting isNi Tian Er Xing
Ni Tian Er Xing
Merxat isShi Xing
Shi Xing
Jiang Xin isXin Yue Kui
Xin Yue Kui
Yumiko Cheng isKong Que
Kong Que
Joe Chen isBai Long
Bai Long
Han Dong isChen Jing
Chen Jing


Burning Flames: A Tale of Passion and Redemption
Episode 1: Ignition
In the active metropolis of Emberwood, fireman Alex Reynolds battles some actual and metaphoric flames. Haunted past a tragical past, helium throws himself into his work, redemptive lives piece suppressing his ain pain. But when a cryptic incendiary starts scene fires crosswise the city, Alex’s global ignites anew. As helium investigates, helium uncovers secrets that endanger to devour him.
Episode 5: Smoke and Mirrors
Alex’s chase of the incendiary leads him to enigmatical creative person Isabella Vega. She paints ardent scenes that spookily match the law-breaking scenes. Is she a witnesser Oregon a suspect? As their paths intertwine, sparks fly, and Alex essential take betwixt work and desire.
Episode 10: Inferno
The fires escalate, departure Emberwood successful chaos. Alex’s squad races against clip to halt the adjacent blaze. Meanwhile, Isabella’s ago catches ahead with her, telling a connexion to the arsonist. Can they unknot the enigma earlier the metropolis Burns to ashes?
Episode 20: Ashes to Ashes
Betrayals surface, friendships fracture, and the fact smolders below the surface. Alex discovers that the incendiary seeks retaliation for a long-buried injustice. As the flames fury higher, helium grapples with mercifulness and redemption.
Episode 30: Rebirth
The concluding confrontation looms. Alex confronts the arsonist, expose their identity. But salvation comes astatine a cost. As the metropolis rebuilds, Alex and Isabella discovery consolation successful all other’s arms. The flames that one time used-up them present furnace a brand-new beginning.

Burning Flames
Burning Flames
Burning Flames
Burning Flames

Burning Flames

Mar. 13, 2024
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9 1 vote
Original title 烈焰
TMDb Rating 9 1 votes
First air date Mar. 13, 2024
Last air date Mar. 27, 2024
Seasons 1
Episodes 40
Average Duration 45 minutes

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